Meet the Cruise Factor Team – Zuleika

Ahoy fellow cruisers and travellers

Today it’s Zuleika’s turn to be in the spotlight

Zuleika has been working in the travel industry for 3 years, but has travelled extensively, having done 15 cruises and lived in Canada for 12 months.

Let’s get to know Zuleika a little bit better with some quick-fire questions:

Favourite Country and why?

Canada – I lived in Vancouver for a year and still have lots of friends over there, I try and visit at least once per year and more if I am lucky!


Favourite Holiday Memory?

Being at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe during a thunder and lightning storm and nearly getting struck by lightning


Favourite food? 

Raspberries freshly picked


Favourite travel product/gadget?

My new Kathmandu back pack, that is the perfect size as a carry-on for the plane, is light and has a pouch at the top where you can put your valuables and the pouch actually comes out of the pack and you can put it in the seat pocket on the plane and also anything that takes a photo would


Favourite thing about travelling?



Destination you really want to visit next?

I have about 68 countries on my list of places that I still want to visit. Canada is always high on my list so I can visit my friends but a destination that I have never been and really want to visit is Russia and I would love to do the Trans-Siberian train from China to Russia and also visiting more of Africa is high on my list!


One thing you cannot travel without – aside from a passport?

A camera


Car, plane, boat or train?

I love travelling, so any type of travelling is good for me!


Ever had a Holiday disaster?

It wasn’t a huge disaster but definitely a lesson learned – I booked a package holiday to Cuba and didn’t think about different laws especially the smoking laws and I ended up in a resort where smoking was allowed wherever you wanted to smoke and there were no non-smoking rooms and being asthmatic I can’t be exposed to a lot of cigarette smoke. So next time I go to Cuba I will be looking for a non-smoking resort.


One destination you were really surprised by and why?

I was surprised how green Africa was, especially Zambia. When I think of Africa I think desert, dirt, sparse but it was so lush and green. It was the rainy season when I travelled there so if thinking about a holiday in Africa that might be something to think about – Do you want to travel there in the rainy season or dry season?


Favourite Cruise ship and why?

Every single cruise ship is my favourite cruise ship, I love cruising – but if I really had to pick there would be two, Ovation of the Seas and Oceania Marina, I love them each for different reasons. Ovation of the Seas is a mega liner and has so much to see and do, it is like a destination in itself and Oceania Marina is a beautiful luxury ship with an amazing spa area and has some awesome itineraries!!


Best travel tip:

Make sure you have all required visas, ESTA’s, ETA’s that you need for every destination that you are travelling to, you would hate to be denied boarding on a plane or cruise just because you haven’t completed the required information.  An ETA or ESTA is an easy process and we can supply you with the correct link to the official website to complete your details. Also be aware that if for example you have lived in Canada and are travelling back there the ETA is not immediate, it can take up to 48 hours to process, so not something you can do last minute!!!

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  1. Kelly
    Posted November 8, 2017 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    All though I haven’t been on a cruise zuleika book our family holiday to New Zealand. Had an awesome time thanks to her commitment to making sure we had a great time. Highly recommended her expertise.

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