Luxury cabin construction begins on EUROPA 2

EUROPA 2 reached a key milestone on Thursday when work began to lay her keel and create the luxury cabins that will carry 516 passengers when the ship is launched in Spring 2013.

In a traditional good luck ceremony, Hapag-Lloyd managing director Sebastian Ahrens marked the occasion by placing a coin in the first block of the ship that was lifted into the dry dock in Saint-Nazaire, France.

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Catch up on Cruising: Latest cruise news in bite size

Uniworld’s new addition to cruise World Heritage site
The Queen Isabel is the latest addition to Uniworld’s boutique fleet operating on the UNESCO World Heritage listed Douro River in Portugal and Spain.

Uniworld, one of the first river cruising operators to explore the Douro, will replace the Douro Spirit, using Queen Isabel to bolster its operations in the region.

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Orion: Good things in small packages

In the shadow of two floating cities the Orion didn’t try to compete, she embodied the expression “it’s not all about size”.

On the day of my on-board walkabout, Auckland’s harbour was dwarfed by two magnificent ships, the Queen Elizabeth and the Sun Princess, docked either side of the ferry terminal. And there, almost indistinct from the Waiheke ferry, I found her. Coy, reserved, and apologising for being petite.

But what the Orion lacks in stature, she more than makes up for in charm. And adventure.

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Dancing to New York

There was only one way Georgia Thompson was going to cross the Atlantic: she would do it dancing.

Her first cruise was sixteen years ago, since then she’s been a passenger on the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Victoria, and the Marco Polo. She’s cruised the Baltic and the Mediterranean, and last year took on the grandest of them all; Southampton to New York on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

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Do I need a Visa for my Cruise ?

Knowing whether you need a visa for your cruise is a common question that arises.

I hope the below will be of some assistance to New Zealand & Australian passport holders only, it is by no means the entire list of countries, however it is some of the more popular cruise destinations. Before you travel anywhere, you should always check with your relevant Consulate, Embassy or a Visa Advisory Specialist as to whether a visa is required for the cruise itinerary you have chosen.

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More and More things to do on board a Cruise!

After recently returning from a 13 night New Zealand cruise on board the Sea Princess, I found more and more organised things to do on board. So if you want to cruise from Australia and New Zealand the itineraries are going to be the same.

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Movies Under the Stars

After recently cruising on board the Sea Princess to New Zealand, I was able to take in the splendour of the 28 Square metre LED outdoor screen, with its 69,000 watt sound system. You can sit in one of the many pools or deck chairs and see the screen, day or night.

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Cruising for the very first time !

I was never that keen on a cruise, the thought of being stuck on a ship, for 2 weeks, no escape, two thousand people you may not like, out at Sea with no land in sight, and getting sick from all those germs.

A friend asked me if I would like to join him on a cruise, and as he was very experienced at cruising, I said yes.

So what did I think of my First Cruise…

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Island Escapes “Island Passage”

Island Passage

After hearing so many great reports from colleagues and friends, who had been lucky enough to experience an Island Escape cruise onboard “Island Passage”, I was fortunate enough to have a walk around myself to see what all the fuss was about.

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DreamWorks Experience is coming to Voyager of the Seas!

Royal Caribbean International has announced that their DreamWorks Experience is being added to the Voyager of the Seas cruises for her season in Australia & New Zealand.

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