8 Romantic Destinations Around the World

Shelby is a romantic at heart and since today is Valentines day, what better day to think about where you could escape to on your next Romantic Holiday 🙂

Venice, Italy

I am pretty sure most of us think of Venice when we think of Romance… floating through the canals on a warm evening in a gondola with a bottle of wine, just perfect. Or stroll around the streets before stopping to sip on a glass of wine in a local cafe and enjoying some magical pasta and listening to the beautiful Italian language from the locals. Then watch the sun set over the canals.


This is definitely on my to do list.. It looks like you are in your own private paradise, those overwater bungalows sitting along the crystal-clear sea. White sand beaches for a romantic private dinners or seaside walks – perfect.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is often referred to as Hawaii’s least-developed island. Kauai is a favorite for couples seeking outdoor adventure on the “Garden Island”.  Enjoy less crowds and secluded, natural beaches. Get your heart pumping on a hike through the Kalalau Trail lush mountains or with a private dip in the waterfalls.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

The “champagne climate” of this beautiful swiss resort puts St. Mortiz on our list.  Alpine adventure couples can sky amongst the snow capped peaks or relax in a horse drawn carriage, snuggled together of an evening ride along the frozen lakes.

Quebec City, Quebec

Cozy up for a winter getaway up in the French-Canadian city of Quebec. Wander the snow-covered streets, enjoy romantic restaurants and all before warming up with a soak, sauna and relaxing massage at a Nordic spa. For a special night out dress up and play at the Grand Théâtre.


The city of love cannot be left off our list. So many places to see from the picture postcards we all grew up looking at.  Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower as the sun sets and the lights come on. Vist the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dam, Arc de Triomphe. WOW !

Santorini, Greece

My colleague got engaged in Santorini, so this has to be included. Her romantic proposal:  Docked in Santorini from a cruise ship, climbed the donkey trail, 600 steps, to reach cliffs adorned with whitewashed houses atop the Aegean Sea and cobbled stoned paths. A restaurant with amazing views and a man on bended with knee and a ring in the top pocket. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Grand Canyon, USA

A helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon, mesmerizing.  Take a walk if you are the adventurous time and see the amazing colours throughout the formations, just remember to take plenty of water. If yo are really keen for a romantic getaway, camping at the bottom on the canyon, stunning.


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