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More and More things to do on board a Cruise!

After recently returning from a 13 night New Zealand cruise on board the Sea Princess, I found more and more organised things to do on board. So if you want to cruise from Australia and New Zealand the itineraries are going to be the same.

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Cruising for the very first time !

I was never that keen on a cruise, the thought of being stuck on a ship, for 2 weeks, no escape, two thousand people you may not like, out at Sea with no land in sight, and getting sick from all those germs. A friend asked me if I would like to join him on […]

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Which one is better – Big Ship or Small Ship ?

Is it better to be on a large cruise ship or is it better on a smaller vessel. Does size matter? The question of ship size is asked by many, whether you are a first time cruiser or an experienced cruiser – the question constantly arises for discussion.

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A cheap deal, is not always the best deal!

There has been an increase in the number of web based travel agents offering cruises at discounted prices; while this is great from a consumer’s point of view for comparing prices to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal, there are some things to look out for especially when booking on overseas web […]

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