Cruising – a value for money holiday

The idea of going on a cruise holiday is dismissed by many of us as wildly out of our price range and only really possible as a dream lotto-win holiday.

But if you’re considering all the options for an overseas holiday, it pays to look more closely at the figures.

Not only are cruise holidays coming down in price but they also give value for money.

Think about it.

Where else can you spend as little as $100 per person per day and stay in comfortable, well-looked after accommodation with twice daily maid service, three-plus meals a day, a slew of shipboard activities and nightly entertainment?

Add to that the fabulous places you’re visiting and sleeping in the same bed every night……it all starts to look like a very attractive package.

So what enables a cruise ship to give such good value for money ?

It’s all to do with economies of scale.

A good rule of thumb is to look at the size of a ship and the numbers of passengers it can carry.

The bigger the ship, the more efficient it is to run.

The ship’s huge buying power enables it to provide cheaper resources, including food. And if you take into account the cost of staff such as entertainers, the officers, the captain even, the costs are spread over a large amount of people.

There’s also another consideration, and that’s predictability of numbers, affecting efficiency and waste.

A land-based hotel or restaurant will never know exactly how many people will sleep or eat there on a weekly basis. And numbers will fluctuate daily.

But a hotel director on a cruise ship carrying 1000 people on a 14-night voyage will know exactly how many people will need meals, how many wait staff are needed to serve the meals, and how many cleaning  staff are needed.

And a cruise ship company will also always ensure it departs with a full complement of guests by reducing their costs if necessary.

They do this for two reasons.

The first is that the staff rely on gratuities (tips) as part of their remuneration and tips don’t come from empty cabins!

Secondly, all the onboard facilities such as casinos, spas, shops and excursion desks are completely dependent on people buying their services or merchandise, and if there are no people, they don’t make money.

So if you’re looking at the huge time and effort involved in organizing a European trip, and then the time and effort involved in actually getting around, it would pay to book a cruise holiday.

And it almost certainly would be cheaper!


Article written by Rachel Sturges


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