Luggage: How to pack for a cruise!

Do you travel light or do you tend to overpack?


Do you pack everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink?


Do you pack differently if you are flying or cruising? 



With exorbitant excess and overweight baggage charges from the airlines,  packing can be a stressful experience even before you leave home and head off on a holiday of a life time.



Is this what it looks like when you pack to go on holiday?


Did you know that most cruise lines don’t have a luggage limit?

Some offer passengers a suggested luggage limit and suggest their passengers don’t over pack


So if you are off on a cruise what do you need to consider?


Does getting to my cruise involve a flight anywhere? If the answer is no then you are in luck!!

If you don’t have to fly anywhere you can literally pack what you want, so all the over packers out there don’t need to worry too much!! – just remember that all of your luggage needs to fit into your cabin and if you are travelling with one, two or three other people in your cabin they might not appreciate all of your clothing taking up all of the wardrobe and drawer space.

If your cruise does involve a flight you will need to stick with your airlines luggage allowance to avoid those fees!


Where are you cruising to?

If it’s the middle of summer and you are cruising to the Pacific Islands and you are asking yourself if you should take a winter jacket ‘just in case’ don’t. You won’t need it and if it is a little chilly on the ship then a light jacket or cardigan, or a couple of layers will be all you will need. Make sure what you pack is weather appropriate. If you are heading to a destination that can be hot and cold then it gets a little trickier.

Zuleika from the office cruised Alaska, northbound from Vancouver to Anchorage, a couple of years ago, in September and had the most amazing weather the whole way and she was in shorts and t-shirts everyday, it was too hot for anything else.  But the ships that left on the northbound cruises the day before had the worst weather you could imagine with a massive storm working its way up the coast, passengers on those cruises needed their winter gear.

The key is layers, so if you have a couple of layers then you will be warm if it’s cold and you can remove layers if it is hot and that way you don’t have a bulky jacket taking up all the room in your suitcase


Could you survive a holiday with just a small back pack?


How long are you cruising for? Can you survive with just one small piece of luggage? Is there a laundry on board the ship? Are you happy to wash your clothes in your cabin?

These are all important things to consider

Are you heading off on a 3 – 4 night cruise, a backpack might be perfect for you! Are you heading off to the Pacific Islands for 7 – 10 days and plan on spending a lot of time by the pool or on the beach? Shorts and togs and you are done! Or are you going to want to dress up every night for dinner so need a bag just for your shoes?

Some ships come with a self service laundry, whether coin operated or free to use. Knowing this can help reduce what you pack. Cruise lines that don’t have a self -service laundry sometimes will offer a deal, it might be a bag of laundry for $24.99 (it’s their bag not yours)

There are cruise lines like Oceania that includes laundry and then there are other lines that include it as a perk, Princess offer free laundry to their Elite level passengers or if you are in a suite.



When packing there are things that you should definitely leave at home as you will not be allowed to bring them onto the ship:

  • Don’t bring an iron, coffee maker, kettles, baby bottle warmers, candles, steamers; hairdryers and hair straighteners will need to be checked to see if they deemed safe
  • Leave your weapons at home, some cruise lines allow small knives, but better to just leave them at home
  • Liquor and beer – you are often allowed to bring a bottle of wine on board with you, you will need to have this in your carry on luggage so it can be checked by the crew. (Viking is an exception to this rule – you can take as much of any type of alcohol as you like on board the ship with you.)
  • Some cruise lines don’t allow power boards and some do, if you think you will need one you can bring it with you and it may be taken off you and you will get it back at the end of the cruise. If you do bring one make sure you bring one that doesn’t have a surge protector on it
  • Homemade food

If you do have something removed by the ship you will usually get it back at the end of the cruise


If ever in doubt about what might be a prohibited item or you are wanting advise on what to bring with you, feel free to contact us and we can let you know! | 0800 60 82 60 |










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