Princess offering a new and improved Premier Beverage Package

For those sailing on a Princess cruise out of Australia or New Zealand Princess are now offering a new and improved Premier Beverage Package

The package is selling for AUD$86.99 per day

The major change to the all inclusive drinks package is there is now a daily limit to the number of alcoholic beverages you can order, it is a maximum of 15 drinks.

Here is what the Premier Beverage Package includes:

  • Alcoholic drinks up to AUD$16
  • 25% off all bottles of wine including premium wines and Champagne
  • When you dine at one of the specialty restaurants you will receive a one litre bottle of still or sparkling water free of charge


  • Bottled Water (500ml)
  • Fountain soft drink
  • Fresh juice (when available)
  • Specialty coffees and teas
  • Red Bull energy drinks
  • Frappe’s at Coffee & Cones
  • Smoothies and milk shakes (when available)


The beverage package can be used in all food and beverage locations on the ship that offer beverage service



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