Solo Cruisers

Travelling solo is becoming more common and more cost effective!

The cruise lines have realised that people travelling alone want to cruise as much as couples and families.

Because of this, what cruise lines are now offering solo travellers are well priced single cabins, or if they don’t have single cabins then discounted or no single supplements.

Recently, Zuleika from the Cruise Factor office was on Ovation of the Seas for 7 nights in a Studio Balcony cabin, this cabin was a cabin for one person and was priced accordingly. The cabin had everything that you would need, a queen sized bed, an excellent sized bathroom, a very generous balcony and lots of storage. Here is what she had to say about the studio cabin:



Studio balcony Cabin – Ovation of the Seas

As I was travelling alone I felt the studio balcony was the perfect size for me. You walked into the cabin and because there was a balcony it made it seem even more spacious than it already was! When I arrived into my cabin and begun unpacking I was able to unpack my whole suitcase into the wardrobe and drawers and then my suitcase fit under the queen size bed. There were plenty of coat hangers in the wardrobe (but don’t worry if you run out and need more – just ask your cabin steward and they will bring more for you). There was a rail at the top of the wardrobe and then if you needed more space there was another rail that you could fold down in the middle of the wardrobe. I didn’t need to fold this second bar down as there was more than enough room to hang up my clothes.

The wardrobe was on the right hand side of the bed and on the left hand side of the bed was a cupboard with shelves and also the safe and two drawers down the bottom. I put my backpack and travel pillow into the cupboard and other things that I had needed while travelling into that space and then clothing in the two drawers down the bottom. There were also cupboards above the bed and the doors folded up and I kept clothing in these too. I’m not sure if someone shorter would have issues getting into those cupboards, I am 168cms (5ft6) and I didn’t have an issue at all standing beside the bed and reaching up to the cupboards. There was also a small shelf either side of the head of the bed, I suppose to act like side tables. One side had the light switches and also a power point (US style power point) and that is where I charged my phone.

There was a desk on one side of the room with a small chair to sit on, there was a big mirror with lights around it, I am guessing this was the makeup area. There were a couple of US power points at the desk. So there is definitely enough power points to charge everything at the same time. If you forget to bring your adapter you could try and ask your cabin steward or guest services they might have them, or they might sell them onboard.

The balcony was fantastic, there was enough room for two chairs and foot stools and a table out there and you weren’t squashed.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the bathroom. Being a studio cabin I was expecting a very cramped bathroom, I found there to be more room in the bathroom than many twin cabins I have been in on other cruise ships.

The pricing was in line with a per person price for a larger twin cabin. So if you are looking at Ovation of the Seas and you are a solo traveler then I would not hesitate to recommend a studio balcony cabin.


Royal Caribbean isn’t the only cruise line that offers a studio option for the solo traveler.


NCL Studio cabin

NCL offer an inside studio on 6 of their ships. The NCL inside studio has some pros and cons, Pros include access to a studio lounge where you can meet fellow solo travellers and you can also get drinks and snacks. The cons that I see with this cabin would that it is an inside and the size. They have removed the separate bathroom and the shower cubicle is in one corner of the room and you can just see the sink area on the left hand side

NCL Lounge for Studio guests only

of the cabin photo attached, the toilet is closed off in a small area opposite the shower. Depending on your budget often it can be only a few hundred more and you can be in a normal cabin as a solo traveler. But if you are budget conscious then the studio could be the way to go. We can definitely do the price comparison.





P & O Arcadia – Single occupancy cabin

P & O UK are another cruise line that cater to the solo traveler with a range of single inside, oceanview and balcony options depending on what ship you are on


Holland America have two ships that have studio options. The Prinsendam and the Koningsdam, the Prinsendam has 3 single cabins and the Koningsdam has 12, so if you are interested in a cruise in a single cabin on either of these you will need to get in quick!





Not only do cruise lines cater to solo travelers with single cabins they also arrange singles events. For example on NCL there are lots of meet and greets in the single guest lounge arranged by the crew and there is even a crew hosted bar crawl around the ship. P & O UK are a little more laid back with coffee mornings for single travellers to get to know each other and Holland America have over 40 activities scheduled for singles including cocktails parties, exercise classes, lectures, trivia and cooking demonstrations.

If you are a solo traveller, now really is the best time to book a cruise. Give us a call and let us know where you would like to travel and we can find the best option for you. | 0800 60 82 60 |










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