What’s with cruise cabins?

There are so many choices of cruise and cruise ship out there.

Once you have found your perfect cruise you need to decide what type of cabin is going to be best for your family and there are so many to choose from. Let’s start with the basics:






Inside quad cabin

An inside cabin is basically a cabin with no windows, you still have either a twin or triple/quad configuration, an ensuite and all the things a cabin with a window would have – just no window.








Oceanview quad cabin

An oceanview or outside cabin, as they are sometimes called is a cabin that has either a port hole or picture window.  The cabin in this photo is set up as a quad cabin, when there are two people in the cabin you can have the cabin as either a twin or double configuration, two beds or one bed.









Balcony cabin

A balcony is going to look like an oceanview but is going to have a door to the outside to your own private (most of the time) balcony. Although generally there are walls between the cabins balconies, these can be opened up if you are traveling with other friends or family and they are in a cabin beside you. But beware you never know who can see what from above and you never know what you will be able to see looking down from your balcony.

A balcony cabin might be bigger than an oceanview when taking into account the balcony space, or might be the same size including the balcony space. This is something to be aware of and we can help you decide what the best balcony for you will be.




Mini Suite:

Mini-Suite quad cabin with one upper bunk and one fold out couch

A mini-suite will be larger than a balcony cabin and normally will have a additional lounge area with a couch that would transform into a bed if a triple or quad cabin is booked. As you can see from the photo attached of this quad mini-suite, there is one queen bed in the ‘bedroom’ area and the fold out couch sleeps one with one upper bunk also. Not all mini-suites have balconies.








Loft Suite on Oasis of the Seas


If you really want to experience luxury booking a suite is the way to go. With a huge variety of suites across all cruise lines there will be one that will meet your every need.

So if you can’t bare to be away from your grand piano, we will be able to find a suite for you!! If you want a butler included so you don’t have to unpack and repack you suitcase, we can find one of those too.







These are just the standard cruise cabin options that you will find on every ship. There are other cabin types that not all cruise lines have but are definitely worth considering. For example:


Traveling Solo? Rather than pay for a twin cabin why not book a studio? On NCL (pictured below) you not only avoid paying the single supplement, but you have access to your own private lounge that all the other solo travelers also have access to. So you can easily make new friends!

NCL Inside Studio cabin




If you are travelling with a family group maybe you are looking for the ultimate family suite, which comes with it’s own slide. So the children don’t even have to leave the suite for the fun to start! Check out the brand new Symphony of the Seas

Family suite on new Symphony of the Seas












With such a wide variety of cabins there really is something for everyone, let us know your family situation and we can find the best cabin for you!



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